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4975 Form: What You Should Know

Disclosure and Compliance: Disqualified Persons and Exempt Organizations and other organizations, and its instructions IRM, Miscellaneous Noncompliance Related to IRM 3.31 and IRM Exempt Organizations, includes information on disallowed, prohibited, or otherwise ineligible PT as disclosed in the related document (IRM 3.31.5, Disqualified Person Noncompliance Information).  IRM, Disclosure and Compliance — Disqualified Persons and Exempt Organizations and other organizations, contains additional information on prohibited transactions. IRM, Disclosure and Compliance — Disqualified Persons and Exempt Organizations and other organizations, contains several examples regarding prohibited transactions. The examples included in this IRM are those discussed more fully in IRMA Bulletin 11-27 (April 11, 2009). Note that the example of the “Exempt Organization” includes a PFC and PFC/SIP in addition to traditional IRA's and traditional 403k's. IRM 11.12.5, Disclosure of Compensation in Exempt Offices, has additional examples regarding prohibited transactions. (See also IRM, Related Exemptions, which provides additional information in this area.) Additional Disallowed Transactions That Can Qualify An IRA For Tax Exempt Status See IRM, Related Exemptions, for additional information IRM 3.31.5 Non-exempt organizational income, contains many examples of prohibited transactions not discussed in this bulletin on prohibited transactions. The examples include: (a) A disqualified person (as defined in 26 USC 4975(c)(1)(B)(iv)) is a disqualified person for the purposes of applying section 521 of the Code, which provides a tax preference for contributions to a “qualified plan”. (b) A disqualified person (as defined in 26 USC 4975(c)(1)(B)(v) and (vi)) is a disqualified person for the purposes of the excise tax on “qualified tuition programs”. Note that IRC § 4975 does not apply.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 4975

Instructions and Help about Form 4975

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